Tek screws and fixings

Screws for insulated panels and corrugated sheets

We offer an extensive range of tek screws and fixings for professional use can serve a variety of purposes and materials. They are of course suitabe for our range of roof panels and wall panels. We can deliver the fixings for sandwich panels and corrugated sheets by courier.

Overview of fixings available

Screws 7510

Screws 7520

Screws 7530

Screws 7550

Screws 7553

Screws 7561 / 7565

Screws 7570

Screws 7571

Screws 7575

Screws 7580

Screws 7890

Variants of screws

Here is a basic overview of the screws available:

Type Stainless Self-drilling Price range
Normal drilling no no inexpensive
Stainless steel screw yes no normal
Bi-metal screw made from stainless steel with carbon tip yes yes premium

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Wall calculation

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Roof calculation

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Total area

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Calculated Roof-pitch

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