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Products for coldrooms and insulation

Acoustic and Fire Rated panels

Aufsicht Dachpaneele aus Steinwolle

We can deliver at last-minute rockwool panels (A-grade production and B-grade surplus... More

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Trapezoidal and profiled sheets for roof and wall

Profiled sheet for wall

We can offer you a range of trapezoidal and profiled sheets for roof and wall in various... More

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Flashings and profiles

U-Profil Zeichnung

For your project, we can provide you with the required accessories to assist in... More

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Coldroom and Freezer room doors

Coldroom door

We can manufacture doors for chiller coldrooms and freezer storage areas (both hinged and... More

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Roof panels and insulated roof sheets

Sandwich Roof-panel with trapezoidal profile

For roof-construction in industry and commerce, Panelsell Ltd are able to provide sheets in... More

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Screws and fixings

technical drawing fixings insulated panels

Screws for composite sandwich panels and trapezoidal sheetsWe can deliver by courier... More

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Warehouses - new and used

Cladded warehouse

We are also offering new warehouses with prefabricated structures and insulated panels in... More

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Rooflight with double sheet

We are pleased to offer profiled rooflight (skylight panels) sheets made from rigid... More

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Top Seller! - roofpanels (PU/PUR) - 40mm

Roof panels 40mm - 6m and 8m - 9002

Available in ...Length:        6m und 8mWidth:          1000mmColour:           RAL... More

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Top-Seller! - sandwich panels wall (PUR) - 80mm

Sandwich panels Wall 80mm - 6m and 7.5m

Available in ...Length:        6m and 7.5mWidth:          1000mmColour:          ... More

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Composite sandwich panels for walls

2 Paneele mit offener Befestigung

For commercial buildings, coldrooms, Panelsell are able to supply sandwich panels quickly... More

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